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Pint-size Rocking Chair Pint-size Rocking Chair,Woodworking Plans,Toys & Kids Furniture,WOOD Issue 236, November 2015,2015,Intermediate
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01098 -

Skip the gaudy, plastic children's furniture. This chair has contemporary style and a timeless design. It's simple to build using screw joinery tastefully hidden by accent plugs. Plus, it's tough enough for your favorite active kiddo.Featured in WOOD Issue 236, November 2015 ...

Make Your Own Transitional Plane Woodworking Plan, Workshop & Jigs Hand Tools
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01097 -

Take an ugly yard-sale plane and give it new life as the most eye-catching�and useful�plane in your collection.Featured in WOOD Issue 236, November 2015

Limbert-style End Table Limbert-style End Table,Woodworking Plans,Furniture,Tables,WOOD Issue 236, November 2015,2015,Intermediate,Living Room,Arts and Crafts, Mission
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01096 -

An Arts & Crafts classic in the style of Charles Limbert, the flowing lines make of this end table make it a natural fit in many interiors. Using just basic tools and a few fasteners available at any hardware store, you can machine and assemble its 10 parts in a weekend. Though we used quartersawn oak and stained it dark to stay true to its roots, this table would look great in cherry or walnut, too.Featured in WOOD Issue 236, November 2015 ...

Mil-Spec AC-130 Gunship Woodworking Plan, Toys & Kids Furniture
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01094 -

When your miniature plastic army men call in air support, this air-borne behemoth will be on standby, ready to answer the call. With spinning propellors, armament aplenty, and a spacious cargo area, this magnum-size model stays true to the imposing nature of the original.The Project Kit contains all the specialty parts and hardware needed to complete one AC-130 gunship. Project Kits and plans sold separately. (See photo. Lumber is not included with Project Kit.)Featured in WOOD Issue 236,...

Hidden-door Bookcase Woodworking Plan, Furniture Bookcases & Shelving
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01093 -

Like a moll in a mystery novel, this beautiful swinger has a secret. A pivoting bookcase installs over an existing doorway to conceal your hideout, secret passageway, or ill-gotten gains. The secret to its strength and rack-resistance lies in its sturdy (1500-lb-rated) pivot mechanism (sold in a separate kit) and a supporting cast of side cases. Build it from the recommended pre-finished plywood to eliminate much of the finishing. Solid-wood face frames and doors conceal gaps and eliminate...

Blade Caddy Woodworking Plan, Workshop & Jigs, Shop Cabinets, Storage, & Organizers, Workshop & Jigs, $3 Shop Plans
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01092 -

Tablesaw blades are like teenage siblings: If you put them in close proximity to each other for an extended period of time, someone's going to lose some teeth. Keep those blades separated and protected with this simple blade caddy.Featured in WOOD Issue 235, October 2015 ...

Blacker House bench Woodworking Plan, Furniture, Seating
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01091 -

Curved lines on this bench soften the straight, boxy look typical of much Arts & Crafts furniture. Those curves, influenced by Asian designs, identify this piece as a Greene & Greene work. Although the original was made of teak with ebony accents, our cherry with cocobolo version proves just as striking. Traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery ensures it will withstand many derrieres dropping onto its lidded storage.Featured in WOOD Issue 235, October 2015 ...

Turned mallet Woodworking Plan, Workshop & Jigs, Hand Tools, Turning Projects
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01090 -

A good mallet will find a permanent spot on your workbench, always at the ready. Reach for it to encourage a chisel through a tough bit of grain, bring together or separate a joint, and many other duties. This one takes so little time to create, you may want to round up enough scrap to make several in one turning session. That way, you'll always have one nearby.Featured in WOOD Issue 235, October 2015 ...

Triple-duty workstation Woodworking Plan, Workshop & Jigs, Jigs & Fixtures, Workshop & Jigs, Tool Bases & Stands
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01089 -

It's a sheet-goods cutting center. It's a panel glue-up station. It's an assembly table. And you can build it this weekend!Featured in WOOD Issue 235, October 2015

Keepsake box Woodworking Plan, Gifts & Decorations, Boxes & Baskets
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01088 -

Here's the perfect project for getting the most bang for your exotic-wood buck. Less than two total board feet does it, plus a foot or so of aluminum rod and a scrap of 1/4" plywood.Featured in WOOD Issue 235, October 2015 ...

Captains bed with secret storage Woodworking Plan, Furniture, Beds & Bedroom Sets
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01087 -

The closets are full, but those sweaters and spare bedsheets still need a home. With a contemporary look that blends with any decor, this captain's bed offers stylish, under-the-deck storage. Conceal those pesky throw pillows behind the fold-down headboard. Need a hiding place for those Christmas presents? Stow them in the secret compartments running down the center of the bed.Featured in WOOD Issue 235, October 2015 ...

Scrollsawn Ornament Woodworking Plan, Gifts & Decorations, Scrollsaw, Carving, & Decorative Projects, Holidays
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-01086 -

Only have short stretches of shop time, but longing for a beautiful project? Cut and glue a couple of pieces each day to slowly build this delightful flower medallion.Featured in WOOD Issue 234, September 2015 ...