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The Complete WOOD Magazine Collection on USB Thumb Drive
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All 244 back issues of WOOD Magazine (many of them now out of print) on a handy USB thumb drive, with a single, comprehensive, searchable index. This massive collection maintains a super-high-quality, 300-dpi resolution, ensuring you crystal-clear illustrations and photos.

Collection features:
The user-friendly index of all back issues makes it easy to find any project plan, shop tip, or skill-builder from this huge archive. Click on the indexed article and go to it instantly! Or browse through the issues using the prominent bookmarks, linked covers, and table of contents. There, too, one click takes you to the information you need.

High resolution PDFs make for easy, enjoyable reading. View every photo, drawing, and detail in digitally reproduced, crystal clarity. Zoom in for a closer look, or print articles for use in the shop with the handy "Print this article" button.

Free up shelf space in your home and shop: 244 issues fit in your pocket for maximum space-savings and portability.

Save hundreds of dollars versus buying back issues. In fact, many of the most sought-after issues in this collection have been out of print for years and are no longer available in any other format.

Compatible with PC and Mac. If you don't already have it, Adobe Reader is included on the drive for viewing.

*Note: If you currently have an earlier year's complete back-issue collection, you may exchange the single DVD, five-part set, or USB drive for the 32-year USB drive by returning your disc(s) with a check made to WOOD Plans for $20. Please include your mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Send your current DVD or USB drive along with a check to:
PO Box 349
Kalona, IA 52247

Overall Customer Rating of 43 Reviews:

  • easy
  • complete
  • electronic
  • none
So far I have looked over the product and found the electronic files easy to search. This is a lot more convenient than looking through the old issues in hard copy. Don't get me wrong I save every hard copy as well and can use them for a detailed look back after I look up the electronic file.

Great idea, poorly executed

  • Great quality jpgs
  • compact
  • printable
  • virtually unsearchable cheap development
All of my 25 years of my Wood Magazine collect were soaked (along with most of my woodworking books) when our basement flooded this summer. Fortunately I saw Wood had this flash drive of all of the magazines and I was delighted. Several feet of shelf space replaced by a drive. Boom! And they are printable...even better!! But the "search feature" is lacking when it works. At best it is lame. I can't even get it to work on my Surface Pro 3 (and yes I downloaded the latest updates of Adobe). The index page is supposed to be clickable but it is not. Nothing happens when I click on search or the article index. I can't even open the individual issues without going into Windows Explorer. I did get it to work on my desktop pc. But again the search function (without a back button) is not very discerning. If you wanted to search for a Router Table design you would get every article that used the word router table (maybe every article that used the words router or table, I'm not sure).

When I do open the individual files through Windows Explorer the quality of the jpgs seems great. But without the search function this is less than helpful because it means going through every issue to find what I want. Even if there was an index I could print and scan through it would be better than this. Also, I never got any kind of notice that the high school I donated to received the drive. Maybe that's not part of the deal but it would have been nice.

Again, Great Idea! But poorly executed, cheaply developed. Maybe you could put the searchable index online (with a real search engine) and I could use it to find the file folder I want to open on my computer. That is bulky, but better than what I have now. Love Wood magazine, very disappointed with the interface on this particular product.

Wood Magazine Collection

  • Slow and has a virus
I was disappointed. It was very slow. I tried to put it on my hard drive as the stick in my laptop was extremely slow. In doing so a virus was detected in one of the volumes. I had to load without that volume. Should never happen. Compared to Woodsmith online and Fine Working disk, this is the slowest.


I like Wood Magazine for the many tip, hints, and plans presented. This library is very reasonable. Works out to around 64 cents per issue and is located in one place.

With the reference index, I don't have to sit and look through dozens of books to find the issue I wanted.

It's a good buy.

Barto, PA

Exactly what I was looking for

I have dozens of old issues of Wood Magazine that I still refer back to but, they take up A LOT of shelf space. So, this was exactly what I was looking for. The USB drive contains 237 complete issues of the magazine in PDF format. Also, I was able to copy the entire contents to an external hard drive as a back up to the USB drive. If you want to have the resource of the magazine but don't want to take up the space of all of those magazines, this is well worth the money.