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30 Year Collection
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30 Year Collection - Exchange
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The Complete WOOD Magazine Collection on USB Thumb Drive
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Here are all 230 back issues of WOOD Magazine (many of them now out of print) on a handy USB thumb drive, with a single, comprehensive, searchable index. This massive collection maintains a super-high-quality, 300-dpi resolution, ensuring you crystal-clear illustrations and photos.

Collection features: The user-friendly index of all back issues makes it easy to find any project plan, shop tip, or skill-builder from this huge archive. Click on the indexed article and go to it instantly! Or browse through the issues using the prominent bookmarks, linked covers, and table of contents. There, too, one click takes you to the information you need.

High resolution PDFs make for easy, enjoyable reading. View every photo, drawing, and detail in digitally reproduced, crystal clarity. Zoom in for a closer look, or print articles for use in the shop with the handy "Print this article" button.

Free up shelf space in your home and shop: 223 issues fit in your pocket for maximum space-savings and portability.

Save hundreds of dollars versus buying back issues. In fact, many of the most sought-after issues in this collection have been out of print for years and are no longer available in any other format.

Compatible with PC and Mac. If you don't already have it, Adobe Reader is included on the drive for viewing.

*Note: If you currently have an earlier year's complete back-issue collection, you may exchange the single DVD, five-part set, or USB drive for the 30-year USB drive by returning your disc(s) with a check made to WOOD Plans for $20. Please include your mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Return the DVD and check to:
PO Box 349
Kalona, IA 52247

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
Zirconia, NC

Wood's Thumb Drive

  • date coverage
  • compendium
  • small space to store
  • price is too high
  • could loose it ????
How can we update this? I liked very much, the idea of having the full review of Wood but would like to have the material updated in some form or fashion. I will purchase if there is a plan to accomplish this................