Issue 205, July 2011

Issue 205, July 2011
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Table of Contents:
Shop Project: Bandsaw Blade Organizer
Storing blades of various widths and teeth presents a problem. This organizer is designed to solve that concern by storing eight bandsaw blades.
Weekend Project: Desk Clock
A simple technique for the inlay makes this clock a quick build.
Shaker-Inspired Bench
Build this sturdy bench in only a weekend. Then stain and seal it�or turn it into an �instant antique� with milk paint.
Cedar Glider
Sit back, relax, and enjoy summer evenings with a friend in this comfy glider. To build it, you need only �one-by� and �two-by� cedar boards, screws, and hardware.
Scrollsawn Potpourri Box
The decorative cutouts in this box�s lid allow fragrances to drift out freely. This project also serves well as a small jewelry or catchall box, or a desktop paper-clip caddy.
Toy Trucks: Lowboy and Sidedump
You can almost smell the diesel as these big rigs muscle their loads to the job site. Here are plans for a tractor and two trailers: a side-dump and lowboy.
Skill Builders
Routing Large or Odd-Size Holes
Boring big or odd-size holes just got a whole lot easier using this simple method.
Get the Most from Your Biscuit Joiner
For quick, reliable alignment and joining of project parts, nothing beats a biscuit joiner. At its most basic, you simply cut slots in mating pieces, add glue, insert a biscuit, and clamp. These 12 tips help your machine work harder.
Picture Framing Secrets from a Pro
You�ve made the frame, now showcase your artwork with the right combination of glass, mats, and backers.
How to Prevent Too-Deep Drilling
It�s a sickening feeling: accidentally boring completely through a workpiece when you intended only a partial-depth hole. Here are three ways to avoid such a disaster.
Tools & Materials
How To Choose and Tension Bandsaw Blades
Match your bandsaw blade to the job, then set up the saw for accurate cuts, time after time.
Biscuit Joiners
These handy tools make joining boards a snap, but only a select few do the job with maximum accuracy and minimal fuss.
All About Walnut
Gorgeous figure, easily worked, and fun to finish. What�s not to love about black walnut?
Best Buys in Benchtop Tools
No need to break the bank on floor-standing tools when some benchtop versions prove plenty capable.
Shop-Proven Products
Compact drills and drivers, hybrid finish nailer.
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