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Pollinator Bee Hotel Woodworking Plan

Pollinator Bee Hotel Woodworking Plan

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Product Code: GR-01375


Now that it swarm out, the pollinators are looking for a home. Get buzzy building them a luxury bee & bee. Provide nesting habitat for native solitary bees that serve as important pollinators. Tunnel-nesting bees, unlike honey bees, build their nests in tunnel-like cavities found throughout nature and the built environment. Attract these pollinators to your garden, and give them 5-star accommodations, with this easy-to-build bee hotel. The back of the hotel attaches to a post and the structure slides over it, making it easy to remove for routine cleaning and to replace the nesting material.

Overall Dimensions: 19-1/2"W x 11-1/4"D x 14"H

Featured in
WOOD Issue 289, July 2023