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Loft Bed and Desk Woodworking Plan, Furniture Beds & Bedroom Sets Furniture Desks
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Space-saving and straightforward in its construction, this loft bed supports a full-size mattress above a generous worksurface and two storage shelves within a 68-1/4" x 101-1/2" footprint. The compact unit fits easily into a child's room, a college dorm room, a city apartment or anywhere else you'd like to make the most use of floor space. Knockdown hardware holds it all together, so you can easily disassemble and move it.Featured in WOOD Issue 231, March 2015 ...

Build-to-Suit Study Desk Woodworking Plan, Furniture Desks
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00952 -

Two base arrangements with the same footprint—a front-facing pedestal and a side-facing bookcase—let you customize this desk to fit your space. Biscuit joinery and edge-banded plywood simplify this project and lend it a modern style that will look equally at home in the den and the dorm room. As a bonus, this article includes tips for inexpensive and easy spray-finishing.Featured in WOOD Issue 217, March 2013 ...

Knockdown Wall Desk Woodworking Plan, Furniture Desks
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00897a -

While browsing in a furniture store for a small desk for his wife, reader Joel Rupert, found inspiration when he spied a ladder-type bookcase. He modified the design with only two upper shelves and a desk-height worksurface perfect for a laptop computer. Knockdown fasteners securely hold the desk together, and allow quick disassembly for storage or transport.Overall dimensions: 33" wide x 24" deep by 73" high.Featured in WOOD Issue 207, October 2011 ...

Drop Front Desk Woodworking Plan, Furniture Desks
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00731a -

With its compact footprint, this desk serves as a perfect computer workstation in the kitchen or bedroom. The handsome frame-and-panel case will be a focal point wherever you put it. Create striking panels like the one on the desk's door by just gluing veneer to MDF—no-vacuum veneer bags or special equipment required. Included with this plan is the accompanying article on Very Easy Veneering. Or, simply skip the veneering and use cherry plywood. Overall dimensions: 24" wide by 16" deep...

Stacking Shelves Woodworking Plan, Furniture Bookcases & Shelving Furniture Desks
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00611a -

Family room, dorm room, any room: These easy-to-build shelves work wherever you need versatile, customizable storage. Movable shelves rest at your choice of five heights. Stack two units, as shown, for a lot of storage or display area in a little floor space. Add another unit to create a workspace. When your needs change, just rearrange the set for a new custom solution. Overall dimensions: 32" wide x 37" high x 15" deepFeatured in WOOD Issue 189, March 2009 ...

Sensational Sectional Desk System Woodworking Plan, Furniture Desks
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00469 -

This traditionally detailed home-office desk system gives you ultimate layout flexibility. Build only the sections you need, and combine them in any number of ways. Corner unit measures approximately 44" across both back edges. Single unit measures 24" deep and 46" long.Featured in WOOD Issue 164, September 2005 ...

On-the-go lap desk Woodworking Plan, Toys & Kids Furniture Furniture Desks
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00436a -

Here's a project to stir a youth to action in the shop. It features easy-to-make parts and super simple glue-and-screw joinery. Now team up with a youngster as Managing Editor, Marlen Kemmet did with his enthusiastic 8-year-old son, Carter, and build—along with the project—great memories.Featured in WOOD Issue 159, November 2004 ...

All-around table Woodworking Plan, Furniture Tables
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00290 -

For dining, a desk, or accenting your home, this clean-lined contemporary table will be a welcome addition to any decor. The top measures 34" wide by 46" long.

Slant-Front Secretary Woodworking Plan, Furniture Desks
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00277 -

Combining the stunning beauty of solid cherry with quilted maple veneer, this design enhances any room setting. And there's a utilitarian side to its personality. Pull-out sleepers support a drop-down front that features an imitation leather writing surface. A large drawer for supplies and ample pigeonhole space in the desk for paper and letters are supplemented by the upper cabinet's roomy shelving.Measures approximately 73" tall, 31" wide, and 20" deep.Featured in WOOD Issue 153, December...

Kids Oak Desk Woodworking Plan, Furniture Desks Toys & Kids Furniture
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00217 -

Part of our children's bedroom ensemble, featuring the same groove-and-panel construction and decorative arch details, it's modest styling makes it a good fit in any setting. The desk measures 51" long by 26" deep and stands 33" tall.Featured in WOOD Issue 145, November 2002 ...

Home Office Hideaway Computer Desk Woodworking Plan, Furniture Desks
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00192 -

Does a computer workstation look out of place in your traditional furnishing scheme? Hide its clutter behind the frame-and-panel front of this handsome cherry cabinet. The three-panel drop leaf gives you instant access and a spacious worktop. There's a pigeonhole to store your keyboard and mouse, and a shelf that holds a monitor up to 17-3/4" tall. The doors below hide a pair of file drawers and plenty of storage for your CPU and other supplies.Measures approximately 52" tall, 47-3/4" wide and...

Rolltop Writing Desk Woodworking Plan, Furniture Desks
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WOOD Magazine Item #: GR-00111 -

We receive dozens of letters a year from readers requesting plans for a rolltop desk. Unfortunately, most plans call for desks too massive for most homes and too complex for most busy woodworkers. With that in mind, Jim Downing, our design editor, came up with this gracefully elegant design. It won't overpower a room, yet still has a comfortable 24-1/2 x 44" writing surface.Desk is approximately 41" tall, 44" wide, and 25" deep.Featured in WOOD Issue 32, December 1989 ...