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Kid's Oak Dresser
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Part of our children's bedroom ensemble, featuring the same groove-and-panel construction and decorative arch details, it's modest styling makes it a good fit in any setting.

The dresser stands 52" tall by 38" wide and 22" deep.

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Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Excellent plans - even for a novice

  • Great quality
  • Strong / Heavy when complete
  • Great drawer placement technique
  • Expect to spend $400-$500 in materials
<p>I've recently built out a decent workshop with brand new tools (15" helical head planer, 8" jointer, etc) but have been making small projects such as cutting boards and jewelry boxes. One of our boys desperately needed a dresser so I decided it was time to try and learn new techniques and take on bigger projects. I first opened these plans and was overwhelmed, but taking my time reading through them one step at a time yielded a perfectly dimensioned dresser that works as great as it looks. I was worried about the drawers fitting in cleanly, and I was worried about the thing being level, etc - everything came out absolutely perfect. I highly recommend these plans! I will say it was probably around $450 in oak and hardware (from a lumber store, not big box) but it was absolutely worth the money. I DID save a little bit by going with high quality furniture grade 1/2" plywood for the drawer boxes vs. solid oak for the drawers. That seems like overkill and would have added another $200 to the project easily. It also saved a TON of time by not needing to edge-join a ton of wood for the drawers. For the drawer faces I was able to use 8" wide oak vs. edge joined. I figured the instructions assume readers might only have a 6" jointer vs. a full width 8". Since I have the 8" jointer I was able to make the drawer fronts from single pieces of wood which also saved time and look great.</p>