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Issue 220, September 2013

Issue 220, September 2013
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Issue 220, September 2013
Hand-Plane Holder
Keep your plane collection close at hand, whether mounted on the wall or sitting on a benchtop. We show you how to customize the storage to your collection.
Entry Bench with Coat Rack
The classic raised panels on this tall-back bench help it fit into many decorating schemes. The secret to its easy construction: we bought a 32” oak door at a home center to serve as the back.
Beanbag Game Boards
With two playing boards that latch together and a convenient carrying handle, carting this game to the party is as easy as building it. Unlatch the boards, and find the bags stored inside.
Lingerie Chest
Here’s the fourth member of the simple- and affordable-to-build bedroom set that began in issue 218 (May 2013) with a bed and continued in issue 219 (July 2013) with a dresser and nightstand.
Space-Saving Flip-Top Bench
For the space-starved woodworker, this tool stand is a lifesaver. With a rotating worksurface, it packs twice the tools in its footprint, conveniently rolling out of the way when it needs to be stowed.
Pivot-and-Post Revolving Bookcase
Popular in the late 19th century, this classic bookcase was designed for quick access to reference books (before the days of Google). Its small footprint and revolving action make it an ideal storage solution for a study or den.
Two Ways to Fix Screwed-up Screws
When you can neither finish driving nor back out a screw, these two options save the day.
Make Cleaner Cuts with a Circular Saw
Yes, you can make cabinet-quality cuts with this much-maligned tool, by using these can’t-miss tips.
SketchUp Simplified
SketchUp is one of the world’s most accessible software design packages. It helps you visualize a project, test dimensions and proportions, and gain confidence for the build. This article walks you through some of SketchUp’s basic features and then dives a little deeper to look at some of the ways the CAD program can be invaluable for woodworkers.
SHOP TEST: Miter Gauges and Sleds
If you’re struggling with your tablesaw’s factory-supplied three-stop gauge, you’ll be amazed at the ease of use and accuracy available to you with an aftermarket miter gauge or sled. We rounded up 14 top sellers to help you pick one (or two).

Shop-Proven Products
Tool-triggered vacuum, benchtop jointers, 14” bandsaw, and more.
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