Issue 225, May 2014

Issue 225, May 2014
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Issue 225, May 2014

Simple, Stackable Assembly Stands
These assembly stands put your projects at a comfortable height for working—saving you from kneeling or stretching awkwardly during construction or finishing. Added bonus: They conveniently stack, taking up little floor space when stored.
Tile-Top Accent Table
With only five different parts and an 18” tile, you can build this distinctive accent table quickly. With two design options and your choice of tile topper, you can also build it to fit your room’s décor.
Adjustable-Arm Floor Lamp
Sitting beside or behind your favorite chair, this lamp extends light right over your lap to illuminate your favorite magazine. The arm pivots and locks at three different heights so even if you move the lamp to a different location, you can put the light at just the right position.
Garden Bench
This classic design adds beauty—and a relaxing resting place—to any outdoor setting. For ease of construction, this project goes together almost entirely with glue and tight-gripping screws—you can’t see them, but they’ll keep the bench rock-solid season after season.
Music-Boosting Mobile-Electronics Amplifier
Just slip your smartphone or mobile music player (speaker down) into the amplifier’s base for noticeably louder and clearer sound. Paying homage to the gramophones of old, this passive amplifier is a fun and easy project, a great conversation piece, and the perfect gift for the gadget geek in your life.
Arch-Handle Serving Tray
Build this elegant and functional carrier in a weekend. A figured wood, such as curly maple, really makes it pop.

Drill Without Damage
If holes you drill look more like exit wounds in a crime-scene investigation drama, follow these easy steps to prevent future drillin’ villainy.
How To Make A Custom Router Subbase
Sometimes a job calls for a task-specific router subbase, like a circle-cutting trammel. Or maybe you need the added stability of a wider subbase with handles, or a square-sided one that rides along a guide to route flawless flutes. Whatever the application, here’s how to make and mount a router subbase successfully.
Prototyping Makes Perfect
Whether you’re a hobbyist trying to get a better sense of a project’s “feel” or a professional craftsman pitching to a client, prototyping can help you test a design’s structural integrity, functionality, and comfort.
Tool Test: 10” Tablesaws
If you’re ready to invest in a quality tablesaw, but can’t justify spending nearly $2,000 or more for a high-end model, here’s where you start. We tested the Craftsman 22116, General International 50-090RCM1, General International 50-200RM1, Grizzly G0715P, Jet JPS-10TS-30, and Steel City 35990C.
Shop-Proven Products
Jack planes, 10” hybrid tablesaw, GRR-Rip pushblock, and more.

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