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Issue 214, October 2012

Issue 214, October 2012
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Issue 214, October 2012

Fence-ridin’ Tenoning Jig
This simple fence-riding jig makes safe and accurate work of cutting upright project parts.

Rolling Clamp Rack
Instead of running back and forth to your clamp rack when assembling a project, bring the clamps to where you need them. This customizable mobile rack, constructed from 2x2s, 2x4s, and ¾" plywood makes it easy.

Bow-tie Mantel Clock
Dress up your mantel with this 14”-tall timeless timepiece. We used figure maple with wenge butterflies for ours, but use that piece of figured stock you’ve been saving for that perfect project. This project makes a beautiful and inexpensive gift that will be treasured and showcased for years.

Cover Project: Corner Bookcase
Open shelves create a display area visible from anywhere in the room. By eliminating one side, this bookcase tucks into a corner, allowing a clear view of everything on its shelves—seemingly without taking up any space.

Folding Knife
Building a knife from a kit (which we’ve sourced in this plan) makes this personal item even more special. Scales (the wood portion of the handle) made from tight-grained woods, such as the ones shown here, feel best in your hand. The kit we chose features stainless-steel liners and a near-razor-sharp blade that offers durability and stays sharp longer.

Safety-Gear Cabinet
Your hearing muffs, safety glasses, and respirator never had it so good. This simple cabinet features handsome moldings above and below, making it attractive enough to hang in your house as a display or storage case. Our pine version keeps bandages, tweezers, and other first-aid supplies visible, dust free, and instantly accessible. Choose oak, cherry, walnut, or another fine hardwood to dress it up for inside the house.

Classy Case for iPad
Prop and protect your tablet computer with this handy, easy-to-make case. (Don’t own an iPad? Adapt the dimensions to fit your tablet.)


Finishing: Match New Stain to Old
Blending oil stains to match a previously stained surface requires trial and error, but by learning some simple techniques, you can reduce the error part. Use these stain-matching tips to replace broken or missing furniture parts, or to make new furniture match existing furniture or trimwork.

7 Safety Rules You Must Never Violate
When you hear that voice in the back of your head saying, “This isn’t right,” listen to it and rethink the operation.

Turning Basics: Shaping Spindles
Even if you only use the lathe occasionally, you can quickly and easily learn to turn out shapely spindles—anything turned between centers—with these essential guidelines to lead you.

Keep Projects Square from Start to Finish
From tuned-up tools ’til you tighten the clamps, it’s hip to be square. Here’s how to get there.


WOOD® Editors’ Favorite Hand Tools
We love power tools, but many times a hand tool does the job better and quicker and always with less noise and dust. Here are eight “unplugged” tools that seldom leave our workbenches, and where you can buy them.

Best Heating/Cooling Systems for Shops
If your shop feels uncomfortably cold in the winter or unbearably hot in the summer (or both), your smartest tool might be a shop heater or air conditioner. We take a look at some of the details to consider, and our quick-read chart speeds you to a quick decision.

How to Choose Casters for Projects
In many shops, putting machines, tool stands, clamp racks, assembly tables, and workbenches on casters gives you maximum flexibility in shop layout and usage. Learn to pick the right one for your project.

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