Issue 176, May 2007

Issue 176, May 2007
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issue #176, May 2007

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Swing-arm lathe-tool holder
Keep your lathe tools and accessories close at hand with this easy-to-make organizer.

Super-simple display shelving
This super-simple shelving unit works well in mission, traditional, and even contemporary settings. Straight-forward assembly makes it a snap to build, and biscuit joinery makes for solid construction. In addition, you’ll find details on applying four easy oak finishes.

Eye-pleasing pagoda box
With a design rooted in Asian architectural style and form, Bellingham, Washington, woodworker David Selditz pays homage to beauty through simplicity. To make creating this curvaceous beauty even simpler, we’ve include jig plans for sanding the lid bottom and another one for bandsawing and spindle-sanding the lid top.

Easy-to-make garden bench/trellis
Using just a portable circular saw, jigsaw, and drill, you can build and “plant” this eye-catching masterpiece in a weekend.

Caterpillar pull toy
This funny friend wiggles over bumps and around corners to the delight of children and parents.

Low-tech, high-appeal picture frames
If you can turn on a router, you can turn heads with these eye-catching displays for your photos. We’ve even included a plans for a spline-cutting jig for accenting the corners of the cherry and maple.

Quick-and-easy bandsaw jig
Resaw boards and blanks from spectacular wood in your backyard, firewood pile, or local forest.

Tools and Materials

19 items to trick out your tablesaw
Ramp up the performance of your shop’s most important tool.

The many faces of maple
Discover the amazing grain patterns of maple and how best to purchase it.

Wise buys: hold-ins and hold-downs
Five shop-proven products
Digital angle gauge; dust collector; four-jaw lathe chuck; right-angle drill; digital depth-display router.

Three-way miter joints
Form eye-catching corners on projects using a unique combination of  45° cuts and biscuits.

Tips to avoid accidental splits in wood

How to install a bandsaw riser blocks

Four easy oak finishes
Create distinct looks: pearly light, linseed oil and poly, water-base stain and finish, and ebony dark.

Make smoothing wood a close shave
A noisy planer can gouge figured wood. Thankfully, there’s a better way. It’s called a scraping plane.

Harvest spectacular local wood and $ave
See how a Wisconsin craftsman gathers, saws, seals, and stores his treasure of free boards and blanks.


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