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Small Shop Assembly Table Woodworking Plan

Small Shop Assembly Table Woodworking Plan

Our Price: $9.95

Product Code: GR-01378


With ample worksurface and custom storage, this bench is a small-shop must-have. Add efficiency and purpose to your project builds with this dedicated assembly table. An ample worksurface, loads of storage, and custom racks for drills and clamps make this compact mobile center a must-have for any shop. Does assembing a project often involve clearing off your workbench or slapping a piece of plywood onto a pair of sawhorses? Well, check out this dedicated assembly table. It offers enough square footage on the top for just about any project build. With drawers, shelves, and customized tool racks, this setup also stores everything you need for assembling a project close at hand. Plus, it's mobile, so you can set it up anywhere for use and tuck it out of the way when you're done. This assembly table makes a super companion to the tablesaw/router table station and outfeed table in issue 288 (May 2023). If you haven't built them already, get started! All three will add versatility to any shop.

Overall Dimensions: 60"W x 30"D x 34-1/4"H (without vise)

Featured in
WOOD Issue 289, July 2023