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"Eight is Enough" Photo Frames Woodworking Plan

"Eight is Enough" Photo Frames Woodworking Plan

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Product Code: GR-01362


This family photo frame has just enough spaces for your own version of the Brady Bunch — with apologies to Alice. Start your own TV-sitcom family with this picture frame grouping. It consists of eight individual frames, sized to hold 4x6" photos, mounted to a larger frame, creating a single, wall-hung unit. Spacers create offset from the rear frame, giving the project visual depth. And if you don’t have a Walton-size family, fill the empty frames with pictures of grandkids, the family pet, or your favorite mother-in-law.

OVERALL DIMENSIONS 270-1/4"W x 13-1/4"H x 1-3/4"D

Bonus: includes "Brilliant Bevel Jig Plan" Bang out dead-on bevels, master miters. Bevels and miters often bedevil the best of us. But with just a few pieces of scrap and an hour in the shop, creating a compact, multi-purpose jig moves these two joints into “mission accomplished” territory with speed and accuracy. Best of all, your saw blade always stays at 90 degrees.

Featured in
WOOD Issue 286, December/January 2022/2023