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Drill-Press Seven Pack Woodworking Plan

Drill-Press Seven Pack

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Product Code: GR-00282


Drill-Press Seven Pack Woodworking Plan
Ball-Drilling Jig: Our simple design goes to the very center of a common drilling problem.

Extra-Long Drum Sander: Building this sander is just plumb easy.

Adjustable Angle Jig: Make this simple tool for your drill-press table and you'll never have to eyeball the angle of a hole again.

Drill-Press Jig for Dowels: When boring holes in dowels, the dowels can roll around freely. Here are two ways to hold them still.

Helpful Hold-Downs: Keep your fingers safe and your workpiece steady with a few pieces of wood and the turn of a T-nut.

Step-and-Repeat Jig: Spacers help you locate hole positions for fast, accurate production drilling.