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David Ellsworth - Hollow Turning Woodworking Plan, Turning Videos
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In this video, David Ellsworth explores the full range of his knowledge and experience in making hollow forms. Filmed entirely in his Buck's County, Pennsylvania studio, all subjects are presented in a detailed, step-by-step sequence that reflects his style of teaching. Ellsworth's approach is refreshingly low key and definitely "low tech." He firmly believes that the purpose of tutorial video is to provide the tools of "content" needed by the viewer to expand their own interests in...

David Ellsworth - Open Bowls Woodworking Plan, Turning Videos
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Bowls...what a wonderful statement they make to our history as object makers from all cultures, and made with all materials.Each "Tip for Turners" video within the Ellsworth Library of Tutorial Videos covers a different subject. In this library, master woodturner David Ellsworth explores the process of developing open bowls on the lathe using his acclaimed "Signature" gouge.In addition to the "hows" of making an open bowl, Ellsworth discusses the subjects of sharpening gouges; faceplate...

David Ellsworth - Shop Stuff Woodworking Plan, Turning Videos
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This video is the second in the "Tips for Turners" series and addresses much of the simple "stuff" that we rarely think about, or often have difficulty figuring out within our workspaces. In particular, lighting, dust collection, lathe modifications (including how to keep that tailstock from slipping), vacuum chucks, heating and cooling systems, and last but not least, the "Flexion section" - that is, lower back and stretching exercises to help make your turning life safer and more...

David Ellsworth - The Ellsworth Signature Gouge Woodworking Plan, Turning Videos
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Item #: DLV-01-0004 -

Master woodturner David Ellsworth leads the viewer step-by-step through the wonderous usage of this remarkably efficient and versatile bowl gouge. Having taught wood turning since 1973, it is clear that Ellsworth's goal is to help the viewer learn the intricacies of his lathe and turning techniques.He begins with 3/4"-wide exterior roughing cuts, then produces ribbons with the slicing cut, and finally thread-like filaments with the shearing cut. Also included are interior roughing and...

Tools for Hollow Turning Woodworking Plan, Turning Videos
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Item #: DLV-01-0005 -

This video begins with a brief history of David Ellsworth's work in hollow wooden forms, and includes a full exploration of the bent tools he designed in the mid-1970's that have allowed him to make remarkably thin-walled forms on the lathe through a process he calls "Blind Turning."Beyond the tools themselves, he also discusses how and why the bent tool design works; how to sharpen the tool tips; how to make effecient, functional and ergonomically sound tool handles, including ferrules;...

Using a Lathe Woodworking Plan, Turning Videos
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All the stuff that isn't in the manual!Nick Cook starts with the basics of lathe functions, operation, and turning tool selection, then walks viewers through techniques for spindle and faceplate turning as he turns four different projects: a bulb planter, honey dipper, natural edge bowl, and a plate.This how-to woodworking video runs 1 hour 9 minutes. ...

Two Guys, Two Lathes, Two Ways to Make a Bowl Woodworking Plan, Turning Videos
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Two Guys, Two Lathes, Two Approaches...Stuart Batty and Mike Mahoney show two ways to make a bowl with Two Guys, Two Lathes, Two Approaches. Taped live at the American Association of Woodturners' annual symposium, Stuart and Mike discuss:Five basic rules of woodturningTool angles/proper grindingPush cut vs pull cutSpigots and chucksInside cutsSpecial grindsDryingHelpful tipsThis how-to woodworking video runs 1 hour 29 minutes. ...

Mike Mahoney - Bowl Basics Woodworking Plan, Turning Videos
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A Workshop with Mike MahoneyOne of woodturning's most popular instructors, Mike Mahoney covers the fundamentals of making bowls in his ""Bowl Basics"" video. Your workshop with Mike Mahoney begins with simple, dry bowls, then continues on through green wood projects, including natural-edge and calabash bowls. As Mike takes you step-by-step through the modern turning process, you'll learn everything you need to know about:SafetyTenons and ChucksTool SelectionDrying WoodDesigning BowlsTool...

Mike Mahoney - Hollow Forms and Urns Woodworking Plan, Turning Videos
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Item #: DLV-11-0035 -

Although Mike Mahoney is most recognized for his production kitchenware, he is also considered by many to be one of the finest hollow-form turners today, with his work in many of the world's finest collections.In this video, Mike Mahoney takes you step-by-step to create beautiful, well-crafted hollow forms and lidded urns. While taking you through the basic process of turning a hollow form, Mike turns the form with a section of the piece removed, allowing you to see inside the hollow form at...