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Power Tool Tune-up and Set-up

Power Tool Tune-up and Set-up
Mail-Direct DVD
Mail-Direct DVD
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From the editors of WOOD magazine:

Maximize the performance of your tablesaw, bandsaw, mitersaw, and router by setting them up properly!

In this info-filled video, WOOD magazine's Master Craftsman Jim Heavey will teach you:
  • How to choose the right blade for your bandsaw, mitersaw, and tablesaw
  • Tips to ensure your setups are spot-on
  • Methods for improving results with your router, AND MUCH MORE!
Jim reveals secrets that will eliminate bandsaw blade drift so you can resaw accurately, cure your tablesaw and router from burning workpiece edges, and have you using your mitersaw like an experienced trim carpenter. In this detailed video, Jim shows how to make adjustments to each tool, how to verify the accuracy of those adjustments, and how to make sure you can repeat them easily, every time.

This how-to woodworking video runs 74 minutes.
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