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3-in-1 Bed for All Ages
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Like a best friend, this bed grows up with your child. Starting as a crib for a newborn, this 'sleep System" easily changes into a bed for a toddler, and then into a full bed, serving a child well past adolescence. Simple decorative connector bolts and concealed cross dowels make these quick changes possible. Build all the parts now and be years ahead, or choose any one of the three beds to meet current needs.

Overall Dimensions:
Crib: 57" wide x 32" deep x 44" high
Toddler Bed: 57" wide x 32" deep x 43" high
Full Bed: 57" wide x 83" deep x 43" high

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Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

3 n 1 Crib Plans

  • Versatile
  • easy to follow
  • Difficult cross dowel placement
<p>I built this crib from walnut and it came out beautifully. My granddaughter is 2 and has graduated to the toddler bed rail section. There is one major problem I have with the design. Placement of the cross dowels for the connector bolts was a huge headache. If you are slightly off from perfect alignment, it is easy to blow through the sides of the plywood and ruin the rail. I paid over $200 for a sheet of walnut plywood that had a paper thin veneer and a soft MDF like material just beneath it. It was no match for over-tightening one of the dowels that started turning. I had to rip out the section, re-install the cross dowel and re-glue up the rail with a fresh piece of ply. (I used hot melt glue to hold the dowels in place during assembly to avoid them falling out). I did not help myself because I used slats on the side sections instead of the plywood. Great Project!</p>