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Keepsake Box Woodworking Plan

Keepsake Box
Downloadable Acrobat Plan
Downloadable Acrobat Plan
List Price $2.95
Item # DP-00875a
File Size: 1.7 MB (4 pages)
Mail-Direct Printed Plan
Mail-Direct Printed Plan
List Price $5.95
Item # MD-00875
Shipped First Class
Three species of wood—and a bit of aluminum—give this little project lots of visual appeal. (And don’t worry about working with aluminum—you already have everything you need to cut and shape it.) The rabbeted legs lift the box and wrap around each corner to conceal any less-than-perfect miter joints, while under the lid, items rest softly on a felt-padded bottom.

Featured in the December/January 2010/2011 issue of WOOD.

NOTE: This item is available as a downloadable PDF. To download, view, and print the project plan on your computer, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here for Step-By-Step Instructions on downloading a pdf.
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