Issue 224, March 2014

Issue 224, March 2014
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Issue 224, March 2014

Swing-out, Fold-flat Tool Stand
This swing-out stand conveniently positions tools for work then swings them out of your way when not in use. Perfect for the space-starved shop or when some Philistine wants to park a car in the way.
Bold, Beautiful TV Table
A sleek and modern flat-screen deserves a sleek and modern stand. Make it in a weekend with these easy plans. No fancy joinery here—only screws and a little glue secure this sturdy and stylish stand. And check out the wood; did you know Douglas fir could look this good?
Votive Stand
This tabletopper requires a meager amount of wood—and shop time—but makes a big statement about your craftsmanship.
Construction-grade Concrete Truck
When the digging and grading wrap up, the pour can begin. And this truck hauls the goods. The solid-wood drum adds a bit of heft to the truck and gives you a chance to try some basic turning. (Or, a simple modification allows you to build it as a straight truck.)
Handkerchief Table
Classic design and versatility never go out of style. No wonder variations on this table have remained popular since the 1700s.
Turned Top
Tops fascinate young and old alike with their hypnotic spinning. With a good tug on the string, this 3”-diameter top spins for more than a minute and a half. We’ll show you how to turn it nearly as quickly.

4 Steps to a Perfect Polyurethane Finish
You can achieve a lustrous, smooth surface without using specialized tools or spray equipment. Just follow these easy steps.
Repairing Dowel-Jig Mistakes
Don’t throw away that workpiece just because of a little accident. Get back on track with these quick fixes.
Birch Basics
Solid, and usually understated, birch has been a standard in furniture production across continents and generations.
Get Perfect Edge-to-Edge
Glue-ups with the WOOD Design Team

Kevin Boyle and John Olson design and build nearly every project you see in WOOD magazine. Though both of them have decades of experience in woodworking, they approach edge-to-edge glue-ups differently. See where they agree and disagree. You can’t go wrong.
Tool Test: Shop Vacuums under $150
A shop vacuum is like the bass player in a band: seldom featured but always performing a crucial job. We tested 10 shop vacuums in multiple woodworking, garage, and basement applications. Here’s the “dirt” on the most utilitarian tool in any home, garage, or workshop.
Setting up a Lock-Miter Bit
Getting the correct setup on a lock-miter joint—both the bit height and fence position—can be a challenge. Here’s a sure-fire method for setting up this bit.
Random-orbit Sanders vs. Orbital Finishing Sanders
What’s the difference? One saves you time, the other saves you money.

Shop-Proven Products
Clear Vue cyclone, propane heater, saw blades, portable saw mill, and more.

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Unvarnished: Passing Along the Craft

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