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Issue 223, December 2013 / January 2014

Issue 223, December 2013 / January 2014
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Issue 223, December 2013 / January 2014

Router-Table Pushblock
Vertical panel-raising bits let get by with a lower-powered router. The tradeoff? You have to stand panels on edge to make the cut. Use this pushblock in its vertical position to for secure no-wobble control. As a bonus, it flips down for regular horizontal routing as well.
Book Stand/Tablet Holder
Cookbooks in the kitchen, thrillers on the nightstand, reference books in the library—this handsome book stand handles them all, even marking your place without damaging the spine. Or, if your household is a little more high-tech, a simple modification turns it into an iPad stand.
Handsome Mission Hutch
This hutch, designed in the Mission tradition will retain its charm for many years to come, thanks to elements such as quartersawn figuring, hand-hammered copper hardware, and decorative tile.
Hidden-compartment Wall Shelf
Some things belong on display, some things don’t. This floating shelf has you covered both ways. A handsome modern design for your displayables conceals a handy concealed compartment for your valuables.
Neoclassical Clock
To achieve the classical, gilded appearance of this clock’s scalloped accents, we turned to an easy, modern finish: spray paint. The contrast between the gold paint and the natural glow of cherry makes this project stand out, and it’ll look as good on your mantel as it would in a French castle.
Wall-hung Wine Rack
This easy-to-build wall-mounted wine rack turns wine storage into a work of art. Display up to eight bottles of your favorite vintage in easy reach. For maximum enjoyment, change the display often.
Darling Doll Bed
This classic furniture-in-miniature is perfectly sized to fit a certain popular doll brand. Save money while building an heirloom toy that will last for generations.

3 Plenty-strong Plywood Joints
Plywood’s multiple layers (or plies) make it more economical and resistant to seasonal movement than solid wood, especially for large panels. But those plies also weaken butt joints in project construction. We’ll show you three joinery methods that maximize the strength of plywood joints.
Flawless Miters on Your Router Table
For cutting miters in small project parts, nothing matches the dead-on accurate results of a router table equipped with a chamfer bit.
When to Finish Before Assembly
Good woodworkers don’t always finish last. In some cases, it makes sense to apply finish before you glue parts together. We’ll show you when to apply non-linear thinking to your project building and finish before assembly.
2014 Innov8 Tool Awards
We’re always on the lookout for woodworking tools and products that make life in the shop easier, safer, and more precise. Here are eight game-changers that fill the bill for the new year.
Tool Test: 3-hp Routers
When it’s time to do some serious routing, such as making raised-panel doors or wide moldings, these juiced-up routers make cuts in one pass that lesser routers need two or more attempts to accomplish. We put nine 3-hp routers to the test in table-mounted and hand-held applications to help you choose the one best suited for your needs.
Planning for Seasonal Wood Movement
Wood expands and contracts with changing humidity. You can’t stop it, but you can accommodate it. We’ll show you how.

12-volt impact drivers, orbital sander, gyroscopic screwdriver, and more.


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