Issue 211, May 2012

Issue 211, May 2012
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Mortiser/Mitersaw Supports
Mortising long stock, such as furniture legs, on a small metal mortising table can be dicey at best. To solve these problems, build this table and a pair of flip stops.

Flip-top, Benchtop Router Table
Short on space, but long on woodworking ambition? With room for a router, storage for accessories, and easy access for bit changes, this diminutive router table fits your needs.

Gorgeous Outdoor Seating
Create a patio parking spot as comfortable as any in your living room.

Toy Skid Loader
The Construction-Grade series of wood toys continues with this easy-to-build beauty.

Tabletop Cutlery Caddy
Try your hand at sturdy spline joinery and build this handy hauler in half a day.


Get the Most from Your Mortiser
If you plan to do a lot of mortising, these 4 tips will increase accuracy and decrease working time.

Restore a Failing Finish
When your furniture goes from having a patina to being pathetic, bring its finish back to life with these quick fixes.

How to Contain Dust in a Basement Shop
While basement woodworkers enjoy steady shop temperatures year-round and all the household amenities just a few steps away, they can put an end to dust migration from the shop to the house by following these simple strategies.

Flatten WIDE Boards on a Narrow Jointer
We all wish we had a bigger shop. Same goes for jointers: If you have a 6-inch model, it seems you always need an 8 inch-or-wider machine. Here's a technique to solve this problem.


What Size Orbital Sander Is Best for You?
Can't decide between a 5 inch and 6 inch model? To get to the bottom of the issue, we put nearly a dozen tools through extensive head-to-head testing in the WOOD magazine shop.

Overlooked Woods You Should Try
Walk down the lumber aisle of a nearby hardwood retailer, and you'll be rewarded with distinctive and affordable project stock of red alder, hickory, and sycamore.

Benchtop Mortisers
There's no easier, faster, or more accurate way to bore rectangular mortises than with one of these machines. We tested 10 affordable models priced from $245 to $600 to find out which one is right for you.

Wise Buys: 6-inch Random-orbit Sanders
We tested three random-orbit sanders.

Shop-Proven Products
Heavy-duty, lightweight tablesaw; high-pressure air compressors; and more.

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