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Issue 210, February/March 2012

Issue 210, February/March 2012
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Table Of Contents:
Shooting Board for Perfect Miters
Some woodworkers agonize over cutting accurate miter joints, because even a fraction of a degree of misalignment leaves unsightly gaps. Don’t fret, we’ll show you three steps.

Three Bookcases, One Plan
Build a basic box, then choose from a variety of options to make the bookcase you want.

Fold-flat Sheet-goods Mover
Never wrestle a heavy sheet again. This cart also “lifts” the sheet onto your saw or bench.

Turned Serving Set
Serve snacks to friends and watch their attention turn to this attractive tray and handsome handles of the stainless steel cutlery.

Beautiful Blanket Chest
Don’t let the layered look alarm you. This blanket-bearing beauty puts some craftiness in your craftsmanship as you skip the tricky raised-panel joinery in favor of an easy only lookalike.


Rout Super-strong Sliding Dovetails
Try this mechanical joint for carcases that lock solidly together.

What Every Woodworker Must Know
Apply these truths for better results from the get-go. These tips put you on solid footing, milling and joinery, planning your work, know the wood, tools, and finishing.

Restore a Vintage Hand Plane
Elbow grease and basic shop supplies are all it takes to reinstate a vintage plane to its former woodworking glory.


How to Change a Tire�On Your Bandsaw
You wouldn’t dream of driving a car for years without checking its tires, so why do it with your bandsaw?

Four Sharpening Methods
We tested more than a dozen products in four categories�sandpaper, diamond stones, water stones, and ceramic stones�to find the best at imparting a super-sharp edge in the least amount of time. Our findings will surprise you.

Shop-Proven Products
Shelf-adjusting toggle clamps, speedy battery charger, and more.

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