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Issue 206, September 2011

Issue 206, September 2011
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Table of Contents:
Quick, Easy, and Accurate Dado Jig
Construct this jig in a few minutes from scraps of plywood or hardwood, then use it to cut dadoes that fit the mating pieces snugly.
Weekend Bookcase
Build this simple and sturdy cabinet with only two joints: dadoes and rabbets cut with your router.
Super-Simple Kid′s Table & Chairs
Build the entire set in one day from a single sheet of MDF!
Bonus Plan! Plywood Patio Table & Stools
Stylish when you need it, stores flat when you don′t.
Make Your Own Block Plane
Build an heirloom-quality tool using just scraps and a plane iron.
Floating-Top Table
It looks like this table′s top has no visible means of support thanks to an airy design.
Skill Builders
Finish Better in Any Weather
How to choose and apply a finish when you can′t time it with the ideal climate.
How to Flatten Sharpening Stones
Over time, sharpening stones wear more in the middle than along the edges. Ditch the dished-out areas and keep your tools flat-out sharp.
Get the Most From Your Combination Square
Often underappreciated, a combination square does far more than just help you draw perpendicular lines
Cut Clean Grooves Without a Dado Set
Save time and hassle by making the cuts with a combination or rip blade.
Woodworking on Wheels
Shop tricks you can learn from a war-hero-turned-wheelchair woodworker.
Wise Buys: Brad-Point Bits
Our editor′s test three brad-point drill bit sets.
Must-Have Tablesaw Safety Gadgets
Working safely at the tablesaw means keeping your workpiece under control and your hands a safe distance from the blade.
Shop Test: Random-Orbit Sanding Discs
We reduced 2 cubic feet of poplar to dust to find the top-performing abrasives for your random-orbit sander.
Tool Review: Portable Air Compressors
We tested 11 units in search of one that will handle most woodworking-shop needs.
Shop-Proven Products
Palm-size routers, no-kink compressor hose, more.
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