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Issue 207, October 2011

Issue 207, October 2011
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Table of Contents:
Jointer Accessory Tray
Tired of searching your shop for push pads, square, or other jointer accessories? This project keeps these helpers close at hand.
Lean, Clean Wall Desk
Tight quarters? Lean this workstation against a wall.
Fold-Flat Workbench
This rock-solid worksurface stores slim when not needed.
3 Great Scrollsaw Patterns
Welcome plaque, songbird, and warblers
Sideless Side Table
At first glance you might not notice, but this project has no side or back panels.
Turned Cake Pedestal
Here�s a chance to hone both your spindle and faceplate turning skills.
Improve Your Tablesaw�s Dust Collection
Three tips to improve tablesaw dust collection from the top down.
3 Easy Water-Resistant Finishes
Can ease-of-application and water-resistance exist in a single finish? We found three. But we cheated.
What to Do with All That Sawdust
These dozen ways to recycle sawdust might even make you question thin-kerf blades.
Beat Blade and Bit Burn Marks
Doing everything right but still getting scorch marks from your router bits and tablesaw blades? Try these pointers.
End-to-End Joints That Work!
Forget the old �board-stretcher.� When you need longer stock, the right end-to-end joint can solve your problems as easy as 1 + 1.
Make the Most of Color-Changing Woods
Here�s how to slow, prepare for, or even use wood color changes to your advantage.
Wise Buys: Pipe-Clamp Jaws
How to Buy the Right Dust Collector
No charts, no math, no bull.
Dovetail Drawers: Buy �Em or Build �Em?
We analyze the process of ordering and installing custom-made drawers and how it affects your wallet.
Shop Test: 4-Jaw Lathe Chucks
Whether you turn bowls, platters, hollow vessels, or finials a 4-jaw chuck provides all the holding power you need.
Shop-Proven Products
Deep-boring drill press, face-frame clamps, and more.
Drink Coasters and Holder
Don�t sweat when your chilled beverage sits on one of these elegant and easy-to-construct coasters.
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