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Issue 209, December/January 2011

Issue 209, December/January 2011
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Table of Contents:

Quick-and-easy Mini Tapering Jig
Build this simple sled for a fast, accurate, and safe way to achieve perfect tapers, even when cutting, small or thin project parts.

Tablesaw Miter Gauge Holders
Build either holder in minutes, then bolt on in seconds for a quick and simple storage solution.

Miter-gauge Extension with Stop
Reliable and accurate crosscuts on a tablesaw require a miter-gauge extension with an adjustable stop.

Box-joint Jig for Your Router Table
Perfect box joints are just a step (and a cut and a repeat) away. Nothing beats the elegant simplicity of the box joint.


Cantilevered Jewelry Box
Inspired in part by Frank Lloyd Wright’s clever use of architectural cantilevers, this suspended jewelry box utilizes deceptively simple dadoes and rabbets for joinery.

Music Box Carousel
Build a gift sure to become a seasonal family favorite. This project requires no turning and can be completed using scrapwood.

Boxed-Up backgammon Board
You’ll want to incorporate geometric veneer patterns into more of your projects when you see how easy it is to cut, assemble and apply the crisp triangles in this board.

Rockin’ Truck
Four-wheeling fun for the little ones. Jeepers, will the kids love climbing up imaginary mountains and fording make-believe mud bogs in this rugged SUV.


Tips for Buying Veneer Online
A wide world of beautiful woods waits virtually a mouse-click away.

Turn Cabinets Into Furniture
Tell someone this cabinet started as three unfinished, prebuilt cabinets from the home center, and the reaction will likely be an astonished “Really?”

Pneumatic Nailer Pointers
Pneumatic pin, brad, and finish nailers make project assembly as simple as pulling a trigger. Follow these pointers to get the most from any pneumatic nailer.


Fast Finishes for Holiday Projects
The trick to clear-coating a project quickly, says finishing expert Bob Flexner, is in the second coat.

Best Drill-and-drive Bit Sets
We test three kits for under $25.

Tool Test: Compact 18-volt Drill Drivers
Just as today’s smaller car engines crank out more horsepower than their muscle-car-era ancestors, today’s cordless drills squeeze more work out of smaller packages than their predecessors.

Shop-Proven Products
Bosch “Glide” mitersaw, Veritas mini-square, and more.

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