Issue 204, May 2011

Issue 204, May 2011
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Table of Contents:
Federal-Style Wall Mirror
Construct this mirror in a weekend, then enjoy it for a lifetime thanks to its ultra-sturdy mitered half-lap joinery and timeless styling.
Shop Project: Grinder Stand
A dedicated grinder stand, kept near the lathe or bench area, helps you sharpen your tools and get back to work, saving time around the shop.
Quick-and-Easy Tablesaw Tenoning Jig
Rather than paying $50 to $100 for a factory-made tenoning jig, make his one from scrap stock and get equally great results.
Planter Box/Trellis
Plant this box wherever you�d like a splash of greenery, and perhaps some added privacy. An open grid inside the box supports plant containers.
Table Lamp
Elegant Dining-Room Chair
How to build a classy, contemporary dining or side chair using simplified mortise-and-tenon techniques.
Skill Builders
Joinery: Rout Mitered Half-Lap Joints
Loads of glue surface area makes a half-lap one of the most durable miter joints you can make.
How to Sharpen Forstner Bits
Are your bits losing their edge? Rather than giving them the heave-ho, try the ol� re-hone.
The Router Bit That Hides Your Goofs
To err is human. To hide your mistakes using a flush-trim V-groove bit is divine.
Cut Cleaner with a Jigsaw
For cutting curved parts, a jigsaw makes a safe, portable, and affordable choice, compared to a bandsaw or scrollsaw.
Tools & Materials
Wise Buys: Bench Grinders
We reviewed three variable-and slow-speed bench grinders.
Sorting Out the Cedars
Though five distinct woods share a common name, each has its own personality and best use.
Amp Up Your Bandsaw
Elevate your saw from good to great with these performance-enhancing add-ons.
Shop Test: Deluxe 14� Bandsaws
Ranging from $695 to $1,495, these saws give you greater power and resaw capability than entry-level models.
Better Your Bench Grinder
These simple tips and accessories turn a grinder into one smooth performer.
Shop-Proven Products
SawStop hybrid, Ryobi battery charger, and more.
Sounding Board
Shop Tips
What�s Ahead
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