Issue 177, July 2007

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issue #177, July 2007

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Magazine binder jig
Drill evenly spaced holes in your favorite magazines for three-ring binder storage.

Bistro table
You'll love how this project looks on your deck or patio, and appreciate how quickly and easily it goes together.

Turned table lamp
Shape choice figured stock into an elegant light. Find template patterns and part sources inside.

Dresser-top jewelry stand
This stylish project keeps oft-worn items readily available.

Easy-to-build storage bins
Clean up the clutter in a kid's room, garage, or entryway with this stacking organizer. You can build all three bins in a weekend, thanks to the simple biscuit-and-screw joinery.

Scrollsawn goose gum dispenser
Kids will love flicking the tail of this merry water-
fowl to see her lay a gum-ball egg in the nest.

Three-step plant stand
Place your favorite plans and decorative items on this easy-to-build project. The terraced shelves ensure that each plan gets its fair share of sunlight.

Workshop stool and tool tote
This simple carrier is a step up for odd jobs around the home.
Tools and Materials

One-person panel handlers
Our editors test four models and share their results.

Trim routers tested and rated
Don’t own one? We shop-tested 12 models to help you buy the best.

What’s what in loose-tenon tools
We compare Festool’s new Domino machine with three other methods of loose-tenon joinery.

Tablesaw molding cutters
Use either of these saw accessories to cut custom molding profiles lickety-split.
Replaceable-cutter router bits
Discover the advantages of this style of cutter and when owning one or more makes sense.
Four shop-proven products

How to cut large panels safely
Learn from this real-life lesson.

Sound-system options for your shop
Your workshop is your getaway space. So toss out that tinny portable radio and fill your shop with high-fidelity tunes and talk.

Make screw holes disappear with plugs
Screwed-together joints are strong and easy. Here's how to make them attractive.

Attainable accuracy
See how to gauge when measurements and setups are “good enough” for quality woodworking.

Proven squaring methods from a pro
Can't-miss methods for squaring projects.

Project design software secrets
Get a step-by-step look at computer-assisted-design
programs and find which one is right for you.

Quick fixes for portable power tools
Save money and downtime by doing it yourself.
Six great uses for trim routers
Don't let a trim router's small package fool you: These one-handed wonders have emerged from the shadows of their full-size cousins to earn their keep in your workshop.

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