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Issue 151, October 2003

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A preview of articles
from Issue #151,
October 2003
of WOOD® magazine

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Idea Shop 5 coverage
The chosen few: idea shop 5 tools
Curious about which tools we chose for our latest shop, and why we selected them? Here's the inside scoop.
Easy-mover mobile base
This adaptable platform combines stout construction and smooth mobility.
Tour of Idea Shop 5
See why this may be our best workshop ever.
Ultimate workshop floor cabinet
Start with this versatile, yet simple design to make the cabinets shown at left.
Tough-stuff workbench
Two cabinets and a sturdy top make this design a cinch to build.
Hands-on guide to workshop layout
Use our helpful planning kit to create a space suited to your woodworking style and your tools.
How to table-mount routers
Whether you make a router insert plate or buy one, you can attach it to your tool and install it in your table with just a few easy steps.
Laying down a shop-floor finish
How to lay down a tough great-looking shop-floor finish.
A simple way to level tables to tools
It's easy to do, and essential for the safe and effective operation of workshop machinery.
projects & techniques
Super-useful tablesaw jigs
Crosscut, taper, or slice thin strips of wood accurately with this trio of shop-made helpers.
Heavenly child’s mobile
Scrollsaw a fantasy universe of stars, planets, and more, using the full-sized patterns inside.
High-class collector’s cabinet
Brighten any wall in your home, as well as your favorite small treasures, with this mirror-backed lighted display project.

Galileo thermometer
Monitor room temperatures with this novelty project. Build this simple, eye-catching stand for a “Galileo” thermometer, and then watch as others warm up to it with curiosity and pure delight.

Tablesaw blade-height gauge
Elevate your saw blade precisely with our adjustable scaled jig.

tools and materials
Coloring maple made simple
Many woodworkers rely on stains for every change of color, but you’ll get better results on this dense wood with dye or tinted shellac.
3 hot new portable planers
One seeks high performance, one goes for bottom dollar, and the other falls in between.
Must-have router bits
Sure, you can buy a bajillion-bit set, but chances are these half-dozen cutters will do 90 percent of the routing work in your shop.
Tool test: 3-hp tablesaws
Upgrade your workshop with one of the cabinet-style machines featured in our test.
6 shop-proven products
These woodworking wares passed our shop trials.


Editor's angle
The #1 “project” for all of us.

Sounding board
Topics: A new twist on a classic tool chest; A shop teacher speaks out; Reader builds knowledge and finds inspiration; Project update.

Short cuts
Topics: Building a brighter world; History-making woodworking; These chairs are animals; Birds declared big winners.

Wood words
A quick guide to must-know terms used throughout WOOD magazine.

Shop tips
Topics: Plug lock strikes a cord for safety; This cat-box filler makes a great rust-buster; Extra slot keeps biscuits from rising; Fast flush-trimming for multiple pieces; Simple stop keeps fence away from the blade; Drilling “clean holes” redefined; Taming the unruly band clamp; Belt-sand small pieces without “filing” your nails; pin down those small pieces for safety.

Topics: Take it easy with clamp pressure; Give old furniture a good cleaning; Metal slides meet solid-wood sides; A little dab holds the router bushing.

What's ahead in our next issue
Two tool reviews; more projects, tools, and techniques.


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