Issue 147, March 2003

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A preview of articles from
Issue #147, March 2003
of WOOD® magazine

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projects & techniques

pipe-and bar-clamp blocks
Let a few scraps of hardwood and hardboard remove the hassle from gluing up panels.

baker's trio
Build one or more pieces of this set that includes a pastry board, rolling pin, and wall rack.

fishy puzzle
Kids will love it to pieces.

pine hutch
An instant heirloom...or just make the sideboard base.




intarsia teddy
This Judy Gale Roberts wall plaque bears looking into.

mobile tool cabinet
The wheel deal






instant patina for brass
Age bright brass hardware in hours, not years.





marking curves
You don’t need fancy equipment to turn away from straight lines.




quick fix for a failed rail
You can do the job without disassembling the chair; all you need is a scarf joint.





tight-fit wraparound moldings
Maintaining clean, gap-free corner joints when installing moldings around three or even four sides of a carcase or panel can be tricky. Here’s a fail-safe method that’ll handle both situations.




working with pine
Building with this softwood calls for extra care and the right finishing techniques.




Save money making your own thin stock and veneer. Here’s how. . . one slice at a time.


problem-solving solvents
When you’re cleaning, refinishing, or thinning, pour out the right chemicals to get the job done.





country furniture in the making
Craftsman Bill Draper reveals the keys to building great-looking pieces.





tools tests

mid-sized lathes
We take eight models for a spin to see which deserves a turn in your shop.


editor's angle
Rebuilding Together

sounding board
Topics: Our bulletin board for letters, comments, and timely updates; The skinny on locating thin lumber; Daughters reward woodworking dad; Mobile storage cart gets rolling quickly; Cypress lumber - round two; Stanley adjustable sawhorse update; More hints for working with plastic.

short cuts
You already may be a wood collector; WOOD recognized for excellence; On the road with WOOD

at your service
Visit us for help 24 hours a day.

shop tips
Topics: Revive your zero-clearance insert; Know the true grit at a glance; Grinder drain no longer a pain; Inset doors just two blocks away; Pull the plug - undo the screw; Here's one low-down storage solution; Pipe-clamp clips prevent rollover; Use a little glue - hold a little screw; Improve the leverage of an allen wrench; Plug-cutting jig is flush with success.

ask WOOD
Topics: Wide tenons need special treatment; Lauan looks lovely - with a little help; Dirty boards make dull planer knives; If you can't joint it - rip it; Drill the pilot hole - then the shank; How do you glue wood to melamine?

what's ahead in our next issue
Gardener's gateway, Pretty planter; 4-piece desk set; Arts & Crafts table lamp; Power planer showdown; Pen-turning primer; Made in Utah

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