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Issue 115, June 1999

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June 1999
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How dry is dry?
Discover how to work with moisture in wood.
Shop safety checklist
use these tips to avoid workshop mishaps.
Click Here for Larger View The boats of Chris-Craft
Learn the history of a renowned boatmaker.
Click Here for Larger View High-octane planers
We test six powerful stationary models: five with 15" capacity, one with 20" capacity.
WOOD magazine index
This handy reference includes issues 104-112.
Building exterior projects that last
Discover what wood-based materials and fasteners work best for outdoor applications.
Click Here for Larger View Checking out chatterwork
Put pizzazz in your woodturnings with the unique chatter tool. We show you how.


Click Here for Larger View A crown jewel
Build our handsome curved-glass clock that features an eight-sided molded surround.
Click Here for Larger View Sidewalk speedster
This hand-powered vehicle, called an Irish Mail, helps kids get around the neighborhood.
Click Here for Larger View Masterful marking gauge
Craft an adjustable layout tool that offers precision and good looks in one neat package.
Click Here for Larger View Classic Adirondack lawn chair
Storing Adirondack chairs just got easier with this folding model.
Click Here for Larger View Two-in-one seat/step stool
This sturdy project serves double-duty in the kitchen, letting you reach high places.

Short Subject Features
Wood Anecdote: Quaking Aspen
The talking tree that reforests the land
Need To Know: Steel-Bending Basics
Superman can bend steel with his bare hands. We woodworkers, though, need to rely on toolsa torch, a vise, and a piece of pipe. We show you how to use these items to form the crank for the Irish mail.
Repair Shop: Ugly Burns And Dents
A scratch left by a toy tractor, an edge chipped by some forgotten mishap, a cigarette burn...Over time, even the best-cared-for furniture suffers a few wounds. Some might add character, but most are just plain ugly. Here's how to fix them without refinishing.
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