Issue 114, April 1999

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April 1999
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How trees are named
Take a look at wood-fiber orientation and how it affects your woodworking.
Click Here for Larger View Commemorating yesteryear
Meet a successful maker of period furniture.
The great cover-up
Learn the skills for working with decorative veneers and inlays, from cutting to applying.
Click Here for Larger View Water-logged lumber
Travel to Wisconsin where Scott Mitchen harvests woodworking stock from Lake Superior.


Click Here for Larger View Yard lighting
Add an attractive glow to your gardens and walkways with our handsome lantern design.
Click Here for Larger View Tabletop tropical fish
Carve and paint a colorful reef dweller.
Click Here for Larger View All-around reading rack
Build one or more of these stackable storage cases that work for books and magazines.
Click Here for Larger View Fun-for-all garden markers
Mark vegetable rows this spring with these whimsical cedar signs.
Click Here for Larger View Solid-oak bed
Make our queen-size country-style bed for its good looks and a good night's rest.
Click Here for Larger View Showy keepsake box
Try your newly acquired veneering skills to make this fancy project.

Short Subject Features
Wood Anecdote: Black Ash
The thirstiest tree in the swamp
Need To Know: Woodworking Veneers
One of the most enjoyable aspects of veneer work lies in selecting the woods and inlays for a decorative project. As you'll see here, choices abound. Before buying, study up on what's available and what will work best for your project.
Trees you won't believe
Even Ripley would get a kick out of these forest facts.
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