10 Great Jigs Woodworking Plans

10 Great Jigs
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1. V-Block Jig
Strengthen corner joints in small boxes, frames, and other projects with splined corner joints.

2. Circle-Cutting Jig
Cut perfect circles in vaneer, posterboard, and other thin materials with this easy-to-make jig.

3. Palm-Sander Holder
Clamp our holder firmly to your workbench, allowing you to see your sanding process while leaving both hands free to control the workpiece.

4. True-Cut Taper Jig
Ripping table legs or other project pieces at an angle can be frustrating and even dangerous work. However, with our taper jig, you'll be able to set the precise angle quickly and cut leg after leg safely, with the first identical to the last.

5. Cam-Action Fence Stop
Designed to lock to a 3/4"-thick fence, this handy helper takes the guesswork out of setting up for precise multiple cuts on your radial-arm saw. You also could clamp it onto the auxiliary wooden fence on your tablesaw miter gauge.

6. Turning Jig - For better bottoms

7. Workbench Board Jack
Hold work safely at bench side with our quick-and-easy adjustable support.

8. Angle-Drilling Jig
With our easy-to-make jig, you'll never again have to eyeball the angle of a cut.

9. Dowel-Chamfering Jig
For stronger dowel joints using your own dowel stock, chamfer both ends of each dowel, then use the jig #10 below to cut a glue groove in the dowel.

10. Dowel-Grooving Jig

Note: This is a paper woodworking plan that will be mailed to you by First Class or Priority mail. With the exception of weekends, 95% of orders are mailed within 24 hours. Orders received on Friday are shipped Friday afternoon or the following Monday. Sorry, but this plan is not available as a downloadable plan.

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