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Cyclone Dust Collector Woodworking Plan

Cyclone Dust Collector

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Cyclone Dust Collector Woodworking Plan
In designing and outfitting WOOD Magazine's Idea Shop 3 basement shop with a cyclone dust collector, we had several objectives in mind. We wanted a space-efficient unit with minimal noise, dust-free construction, and convenience of use. To meet those objectives we designed a unit using a 760 CFM, 1-1/2 horsepower, 62-82 decibel dust collector. This size blower is more than adequate for a small shop. We built the entire wood framework from one 4x8 sheet of of 3/4" birch plywood. In addition the project requires one piece of 20x57-1/2" 30-gauge sheet metal for the cylinder, another measuring 20x57-1/2" for the three cone segments, and a third measuring 15-1/2x19" for the inlet. We used a cartridge-type air-filter (rated 99.9% efficient) to minimize dust emission.

The dust collector we built and the plan are for a collector with a 760 CFM, 1.5 horsepower blower. In the plan, we've included general information, but NOT the drawings or dimensions for using different blower sizes (1-3 H.P.), allowing you a CFM range from 350 to 1200.

Featured in
WOOD Issue 100, November 1997