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WOOD Magazine's Best Woodworking Tips

WOOD's Best Woodworking Tips
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Over 200 shop-tested ideas.

Plus these super plans: 10 great shop organizers and 10 terrific shop jigs.

Surefire pointers on joinery, finishing, routing, sawing, and drilling.

Table of Contents:
Joinery Solutions
To build sturdy projects that will last a lifetime, you need to properly glue and clamp together the components that go into them. Here you'll find our favorite tips for difficult tasks such as clamping miters, hiding nailheads, repairing broken spindles, clamping edges, and a whole lot more.

Woodworking Techniques
Many of us can quickly improve our woodworking results just by learning a few of the tricks that experienced woodworkers have used for years. Among other things, we'll show you how to paint pinstripes like a pro, shorten your sanding time, and measure and mark for dead-on results every time.

Tool Tips
To work effectively and efficiently, you need to get the most from your tools and available workshop space. In this section, we'll show you how to make simple, performance-enhancing modifications to your shop equipment, improve your margin of shop safety, and control sawdust.

More Great Tips
Many of our best shop tips don't fit neatly into one of the other categories, but you'll find all of them here. From tips on making your own wood filler to hide blemishes, scratches, and dents on project surfaces, to cleaning up a sticky epoxy mess, to transferring patterns, and more ideas too numerous to mention, there's more than a little something here for everyone.

10 Drilling Dos and Don'ts
Because they're sharp and spin so rapidly in the chuck, drill bits and boring devices demand caution during use. Follow these pointers for using them safetly.

Pointers for Planning Your Home Workshop
Having a specific place to do your woodworking makes sense. As with any other hobby, you'll need an area that's convenient, comfortable, well-organized, and with sufficient space for work and storage. Depending on your experience level, the number of tools you own, and the size of most of your projects, that space can be great or small, basic or elaborate. But you need a definite area for a workshop to call your own.

Make The Old Finish Look Like New
Stripping an old finish isn't a pleasant task, so why do it if you can avoid it? Fortunately, the right materials, some know-how, and a little ingenuity often will save that "doomed" piece you've been meaning to work on.

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