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David Ellsworth: The Ellsworth Signature Gouge - Downloadable Video
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Master woodturner David Ellsworth leads the viewer step-by-step through the wonderous usage of this remarkably efficient and versatile bowl gouge. Having taught wood turning since 1973, it is clear that Ellsworth's goal is to help the viewer learn the intricacies of his lathe and turning techniques.

He begins with 3/4"-wide exterior roughing cuts, then produces ribbons with the slicing cut, and finally thread-like filaments with the shearing cut. Also included are interior roughing and finishing cuts that show how to safely enter the rim of a bowl and progress to the center of the base in one pass; plus shear-cutting the wings of a natural-topped bark-edge bowl. Filmed in his studio, all details are clearly visible, including overhead shots of the lathe that show the gouge being used from the turner's viewpoint.

Ellsworth illustrates the fundamentals of gouge design that includes the "whys" as well as the "hows" and gives important guidelines for correct body and hand positions when using the tools as well as exercises for body movement when making the cuts. There is a lengthy segment on how to sharpen the gouge by hand as well as using the "Ellsworth Sharpening Jig." And finally, helpful tips on how to become delicate on the grinder to add life to your tools.

This video is a "must" for woodturners at any level of experience!

"If I needed a dozen tools to do the job, I'd use them all...but I don't."

This how-to woodworking video runs 1 hour 12 minutes.