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David Ellsworth: Shop Stuff - Downloadable Video
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This video is the second in the "Tips for Turners" series and addresses much of the simple "stuff" that we rarely think about, or often have difficulty figuring out within our workspaces. In particular, lighting, dust collection, lathe modifications (including how to keep that tailstock from slipping), vacuum chucks, heating and cooling systems, and last but not least, the "Flexion section" - that is, lower back and stretching exercises to help make your turning life safer and more enjoyable.

David Ellsworth's approach to solving problems has always been direct and intentionally low tech. And this includes making most of his tools, his jigs, and of course, the building he works in.

"I like to establish a direct connection between an idea for an object and how it is made. Sometimes that involves modifying a tool or making a chuck to hold the piece of wood. Or maybe it is as simple as doing my exercises so I do a better job when I'm making the piece."

This video answers a lot of questions about our physical workspace and, hopefully, helps us ask a lot of questions we might not have thought to ask before.

This how-to woodworking video runs 59 minutes.