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Sharpening Hand Tools - Downloadable Video
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David Savage: "Sharpening is a doorway to skill. Sharpening enables you to gain control of that woodworking tool. Much is made of what is a relatively simple, but important skill. Master it and you will be able to hone an edge, any edge, to a keenness that will amaze you, and give you control of your work.

"Woodworking involves pushing steel wedges, chisels, plane blades, through the fibres of timber. The sharper these steel wedges are made by you, the less force you will require to do your job, the more feel, the more control you will have."

Learn to get a keen edge
Learn how to tell a dull edge
Get more control
Enjoy the satisfaction of getting it right

This how-to woodworking video runs 29 minutes.