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Logs to Lumber - Downloadable Video
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Logs to Lumber will expand your shop skills in several ways. You'll discover how lumber is cut from logs using a backyard saw mill. The advantages to this set up are apparent right off the bat. Not only can you cut your lumber to any thickness, matching your boards to your projects, but more important, you can stockpile wood from trees you can't find in any of your favorite hardwood supply yards, such as elm. You can also cut quarter-sawn boards from your logs, which is a great choice for your fine furniture projects.

But let's assume you don't have a backyard saw millÉour Master Woodworker, George Vondriska shows how easy it is to set up your band saw to cut custom boards from smaller logs right in your shop. He demonstrates how to set the drift angle on your band saw so you're guaranteed to cut boards of uniform thickness, and veneers from your logs as well.

Once your boards are cut, they'll need to dry, and you'll see the best way to stack your boards for even air-drying. Next, you'll discover how easy and economical it is to build your own solar-powered kiln for drying your green stock quickly, and to a low moisture content for any project you're going to make.

This video also includes a lesson on understanding how boards are graded, and how to use that information to save money when you buy boards. Logs to Lumber provides all the information you'll need to take wood from logs to finished projects.

This how-to woodworking video runs 1 hour 19 minutes.