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Cabinet Making Techniques Vol. 2 - Downloadable Video
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Cabinet Making Techniques: The Next Level will expand your shop skills and provide you with new ways to create solid, handmade furniture. In Volume 2, you'll visit Master Woodworker George Vondriska in his shop where he'll continue the cabinet project from Volume 1 by beginning with some great tips for getting Euro-style hinges perfectly installed in your cabinet. George then divulges a few tricks-of-the-trade for making drawers on glides that fit just right. You'll get an inside look at how George uses his shop tools with some great router lessons for cutting easy half-blind dovetails for your drawers.

He'll also share a cool trick or two for getting your doors to fit just right, and shows how easy it is to adjust the Euro-style hinges. If you haven't tried biscuit joiners, you'll discover why you need take notice, and you'll see some skilled techniques on using that joinery style. Also how to get exact fits on your side bands.

George takes you, step-by-step, through the final assembly of your Euro-style cabinet with a wealth of information on gluing, sanding and finishing your project. More homemade jigs, joinery secrets, and plenty of shop tips you'll want to try in your shop. At the end of this tip-filled video (nearly 70 minutes long), you'll have all the skills you need to finish your cabinet project in your shop, and walk away with great new skills and techniques you'll use for years to come.

This how-to woodworking video runs 1 hour 8 minutes.