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WOOD magazine's Basic Skills Collection - Downloadable Video
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$17.94 value, just $9.99! From the editors of WOOD magazine6 videos, regularly $2.99 each. Get all 6 for just $9.99!

Every woodworker can benefit from the tips and techniques outlined in these 6 videos. Included in this collection are:

FINE-FURNITURE ACCURACY FROM ANY TABLESAW: Make precision cuts with any tablesaw. The secrets lie in setting up the saw as precisely as possible, then verifying your setups with these test cuts.

PRECISION CUTS WITH BASIC TOOLS: Using just a circular saw, router, and a sheet of medium-density fiberboard, we show you how to create and use a cutting guide that gives you glue-joint ready edges.

CLAMP AND SAND PANELS FLAT: Edge-gluing narrow boards to make wider panels is a fundamental woodworking skill. Learn tips for making flat panels using basic tools. We share how to select lumber and prepare it, provide tips for applying glue and clamping, and how to use a palm sander to flatten any ridges.

DRILL PERPENDICULAR HOLES: Perfectly perpendicular holes are possible even without a drill press. See three techniques using three different jigs.

ROUT PERFECT-FIT DADOES: Step-by-step instruction on how to rout dadoes that fit any thickness of stock perfectly. A simple jig makes set-up foolproof.

HANDLING SHEET GOODS: These techniques and tips make it easy to move 4' x 8' sheet goods and cut them to size safely and accurately.

This how-to woodworking video collection totals 51 minutes.