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Darryl Keil: Working with Veneer - Downloadable Video
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A Complete Step-by-Step Guide, From Start to Finish

Working with veneer can be a bit technical and rather involved, requiring step-by-step knowledge of the entire process. Follow Darryl Keil as he creates a four-way-matched walnut-burl tabletop, explaining and demonstrating each step. Every topic is carefully examined, with demonstrations of the appropriate tools and jigs.

What's in this video:
Step-by-step instructions, from start to finish
Creating a four-way-matched walnut-burl tabletop
Flattening buckled veneers
Examining veneer tools and jigs
Studying different types of glues
Matching and sequencing veneer
Jointing, taping, and gluing techniques

Darryl Keil has been a furnituremaker and cabinetmaker for 20 years, specializing in veneer work. Darryl is best known for developing the first vacuum veneer press for the woodworking industry. His work and writing have appeared in leading woodworking and trade publications, and he has served as a technical consultant to production facilities across the country. Let Darryl's knowledge and experience show you how to maximize vacuum's potential in your shop.

This how-to woodworking video runs 1 hour 22 minutes.