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Darryl Keil: Working in a Vacuum - Downloadable Video
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Advanced Vacuum Veneering Techniques, Curves, and Shapes

With a vacuum press, woodworkers are introduced to a host of veneering and laminating possibilities. Projects that were previously too difficult can be easily executed by using vacuum. Follow Darryl Keil as he explains and demonstrates advanced vacuum veneering techniques, focusing on curved and shaped work. From properly constructing curved forms to laminating a spiral staircase stringer, every project is thoroughly examined and demonstrated.

What's on the video:
Constructing curved forms
Creating curved panels
Veneering a cylinder and a bull-nosed shelf
Two-step gluing techniques
Applying veneer to moldings
Laminating an arched jamb and spiral staircase stringer
Pump and bag maintenance

Darryl Keil has been a furnituremaker and cabinetmaker for 20 years, specializing in veneer work. Darryl is best known for developing the first vacuum veneer press for the woodworking industry. His work and writing have appeared in leading woodworking and trade publications, and he has served as a technical consultant to production facilities across the country. Let Darryl's knowledge and experience show you how to maximize vacuum's potential in your shop.

This how-to woodworking video runs 1 hour 17 minutes.