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WOOD magazine's Cabinet Collection - Downloadable Video
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From the editors of WOOD magazine

$17.94 value, just $9.99!
6 WOOD magazine videos typically sold at $2.99 each. Get all 6 for just $9.99!

Six videos to simplify cabinet construction from handling and cutting down sheet goods to mounting drawers. Included in this video collection:

HANDLING SHEET GOODS: These techniques and tips make it easy to move 4' x 8' sheet goods and cut them to size safely and accurately.

CLAMP AND SAND PANELS FLAT: Edge-gluing narrow boards to make wider panels is a fundamental woodworking skill. Learn tips for making flat panels using basic tools. We share how to select lumber and prepare it, provide tips for applying glue and clamping, and how to use a palm sander to flatten any ridges.

DRILL SHELF PIN HOLES: Holes for shelf support pins must be drilled accurately or shelves will never sit flat and steady. This video shows several easy methods for drilling every hole spot-on every time.

MAKING SUPER-SIMPLE DRAWERS: Discover the secrets to making strong drawers by cutting locking rabbet joints on the tablesaw. In WOOD magazine torture tests, this joint proved stronger than even dovetails. Best of all, it's easy to cut with just a dado blade and a single setup on the tablesaw.

SUPER-SIMPLE DRAWER MOUNTING: Installing metal drawer slides in a carcase doesn't have to be a "hope-for-the-best" proposition. Our method shows how to easily install slides for silky-smooth operation and how to achieve a perfect gap between each inset drawer front.

CUTTING CROWN MOLDING: There's no mystery to cutting crown molding to perfectly fit inside and outside corners. A few simple techniques and a shop-made fence for your miter saw do the trick.

This how-to woodworking video collection totals 47 minutes.