Tuning Up Your Power Tools Part 1: Radial-Arm Saws, Bandsaws, & Mitersaws Technique

Tuning Up Your Power Tools Part 1
Downloadable Acrobat Technique
Downloadable Acrobat Technique
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Mail-Direct Printed Technique
Mail-Direct Printed Technique
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You just purchased the woodworking machine of your dreams, unpacked its pieces, and bolted everything together. Now you’re ready to put this latest addition to your shop through its paces. Well, not quite. In testing thousands of power tools, we’ve found only a few that come to us accurately set. Some components cannot be aligned until the tool is assembled, and shipping can knock even a finely tuned machine out of adjustment.

That’s why we always tune up a new tool before using it. We also recheck all of its settings periodically, especially if the machine has been moved or starts turning out inaccurate work. True, tune-up procedures can be tedious, at least until you get the hang of them. But an untuned power tool won’t perform any better than an untuned piano.

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