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Storage Solutions 2004

Storage Solutions 2004
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Storage strategies
Homeowners often put effort into a floor plan or a remodeling project, while neglecting realistic storage needs. Plan ahead with the best options for cases, cabinets, and built-ins so everything will have its place.

  • Solutions All Around the House

Beautiful bookcases
Few furniture pieces lend homes an air of distinction more than solid-wood bookcases filled with cherished volumes. These heirloom-quality projects will serve for generations while building a rock-solid case for your woodworking skills.

  • Barrister's Bookcase
  • Shelving Showcase
  • Woodworkers' Standards

Family space savers
Not everything should be hidden away in a closet. These storage projects let you show off your treasures and stow other items in the same space-saving units.

  • Knockdown Cabinet System
  • Modular Built-Ins
  • GoCarts
  • Planning a Window Seat
  • Storage Window Seat
  • Wine Rack
  • Hard-Working Pantries
  • Dream Kitchen Planner
  • Closet Ideas

Utility areas
Basements, shops, and work areas are often small, so you need storage units that provide maximum efficiency. These projects offer practical solutions for tight spaces.

  • Fold-Away Work Center
  • Top-Notch Chisel-Rack
  • Quick Mobile Storage
  • Tool Carousel
  • Mobile Tool Cabinet
  • Cutoff Catchall
  • Full-Service Blade Rack
  • Forstner Bit Holder

Cases and cabinets
Books, pictures, and collectibles deserve their own types of storage, in places where they can be seen and safeguarded all at once. Here's a great selection of woodworking projects that fit the need for storage with style.

  • Curio Cabinet
  • Stylish Storage
  • Blanket Chest
  • Mobile Kitchen Cabinet
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