Secrets to Clamping Success Woodworking Technique

Secrets to Clamping Success
Downloadable Acrobat Technique
Downloadable Acrobat Technique
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Mail-Direct Printed Technique
Mail-Direct Printed Technique
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Item # MDS-010
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Learn the basics from our resident expert.

Of all the steps involved in building a project, perhaps none is more vital to the life span of that project than how well you clamp it together. For expert advice on this subject we turned to the best glue-up man we know—our project builder Chuck Hedlund. Here he shares his best pearls of clamping wisdom for three common workshop situations.

NOTE: This item is available as a downloadable PDF. To download, view, and print the technique on your computer, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here for Step-By-Step Instructions on downloading a pdf. Or, for a few dollars more, the Mail-Direct Technique (a pre-printed, full-color copy) is shipped directly to you via First Class Mail. You should have the Mail-Direct Technique within 7-10 days of ordering. For faster shipment of the Mail-Direct Technique we offer 2-3 day Priority Mail at an additional cost.
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