WOOD Magazine Scrollsaw Patterns

WOOD Magazine Scrollsaw Patterns
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Scrollsaw lovers are always looking for new patterns on which to practice and use their skills. With this diverse WOOD magazine collection, you can make more than 50 pleasing designs, from simple to complex. Beginners can work on the projects sequentially, acquiring proficiency with each completed design. More advanced scrollsawyers can craft the projects as shown or incorporate a pattern, or an appealing part of a pattern, from one project into an entirely different one.

Review the expert advice on getting started; it's as if you had a pro offering guidance right in your shop. Learn which types of scrollsaws cut wood best and which types of blades to use for a variety of scrollsaw cutting tasks.

Practice creating gentle curves and sharply formed edges by working on the first series of projects, from Cedar Closet Hangers to Tree Trimmers. Designed for thin stock, these simple patterns also lend themselves to multiple cuttings so you can make several of each as gifts. Then you'll move on to thicker stock, mastering sharp curves and inside cuts, as you craft a Little Buddy Bulldozer and a Breakfast Blooms Napkin Holder. Move on to intermediate patterns that require a variety of cuts like The Great Puzzle Fish. Others, such as The Lace-Edged Memento Box, feature Victorian-style fretwork. You can create more impressive and challenging designs when you make the Picture-Perfect Panda, Swans Silhouette, and Great American Skylines.

Using any one of the patterns in this book, you'll not only enjoy learning how to use the scrollsaw but will end up with terrific projects to boot.

Chapters include:

  • Getting Started Scrolling
  • Quick-and-Easy Cuts
  • Working with Thicker Stock
  • Patterns with Sharp Curves and Inside Cuts
  • Patterns with Variety
  • Patterns with Depth
  • Time is of the Essence
  • Picture-Perfect Patterns
  • Fretwork Fantasies

Book Size: 8 x 10"
Number of Pages: 192 plus covers

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