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WOOD magazine's Power Tool Basics Collection

WOOD magazine's Power Tool Basics Collection
Downloadable Video
Downloadable Video
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Item # DLV-18-0113
From the editors of WOOD magazine.
Outstanding Value! 8 videos, usually $2.99 each... Get all 8 for just $12.99!

A full tour of woodworking machinery operation from the editors of WOOD magazine. Collection of 8 videos includes:

TABLESAW TUNEUP: Whether you've just bought a new tablesaw or you want to improve the performance of your current saw, a tuneup is in order. Follow these steps and see improved accuracy and better-quality cuts.

BANDSAW TUNEUP: Just a few minutes following these instructions can pay off with a better-running saw.

TENSIONING YOUR BANDSAW BLADE: We remove the mystery from adjusting your bandsaw blade. It's easier than you think.

GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR ROUTER TABLE: WOOD magazine craftsman Jim Heavey shows how to make the router, already the most verstatile tool in your shop, even more useful by mounting it in a router table. Includes a printable PDF plan for the router table and accessories that Jim uses in the video.

MITERSAW BASICS: Learn the proper and safe operation of a miter saw, and the types of features to look for when buying one.

BASIC STOCK PREP: Every project starts with lumber that is straight, flat and square. Find out how to use the jointer, planer, and tablesaw to prep even rough-sawn lumber.

DRILL PRESS TIPS AND TECHNIQUES: WOOD Magazine's Jim Heavey shows you how to take full advantage of the drill press using a few simple tricks and techniques. Jim also demonstrates how to set up your drill press for the best performance, and provides tips for handling odd-shaped workpieces.

TRICK OUT YOUR DRILL PRESS: Jim Heavey demonstrates two accessories to keep your drill press from just being a "boring" machine.

This how-to woodworking video collection totals 52 1/2 minutes. This video also comes with a printable project plan that downloads with your video.

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