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Paul Schurch - Decorative Veneering

Paul Schurch - Decorative Veneering
Downloadable Video
Downloadable Video
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From the Schurch Masterclass Series This video includes an illustrated 44-page companion booklet in PDF form.

This comprehensive introduction to decorative veneering includes an overview of the art, tools, techniques and troubleshooting solutions, and demonstrates a step-by-step project using all of the essential techniques. Master craftsman Paul Schurch helps build a strong foundation in decorative veneering, instills confidence, and inspires students to explore this fine craft with their own veneer projects.

The 44-page companion booklet (in PDF form) includes information from the video as well as design theory, detailed instructions, illustrations, an extensive glossary, resource list and tool catalogue.

Master craftsman Paul Schurch is America's leading marquetry expert and has been a teacher of decorative inlay since 1980. His works of inlaid furniture are in galleries and private collections around the world.

This how-to woodworking video runs 1 hour 13 minutes. This video also comes with a printable project plan or booklet that downloads with your video.

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