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Lie-Nielsen - Hand Plane Basics

Lie-Nielsen - Hand Plane Basics
Downloadable Video
Downloadable Video
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Item # DLV-07-0018

Hand planes can do what no other tool can. Discover how they work and learn how easy it is to use them properly. Lie-Nielsen's Angie Kopacek explains:
How planes work
The difference between bench planes and block planes
How to choose the right plane for each job
Tuning a plane for peak performance
How different materials affect how well a plane works
Hand planing techniques
Plus you'll get details on how to get and keep a razor-sharp edge on your plane irons and chisels from Lie-Nielsen's Denab Puchalski. This video could change the way you work wood!

This how-to woodworking video runs 55 minutes.

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