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Mid-Priced Tabelsaws Tool Review

Mid-Priced Tabelsaws Tool Review
Downloadable Acrobat Plan
Downloadable Acrobat Plan
List Price $3.95
Item # TR-0087
File size: 3 MB (6 pages)

In the market for a tablesaw capable of delivering the power and precision required to churn out quality woodworking cuts, but won’t break your wallet? We tested 7 models priced from $500 to $650 that will do just that.

If you want a quality tablesaw for your shop but can’t afford to shell out $1,000 or more for a 3-hp cabinet saw, this price range includes top-of-the-line benchtop/job-site saws as well as entry level stationary contractor-style saws. Deciding between the high-end portable saws and the contractor saws proves a tough choice because both have advantages and disadvantages. Read this review to learn more.

Featured in September 2012 issue of WOOD.

NOTE: This item is available as a downloadable PDF. To download, view, and print the project plan on your computer, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here for Step-By-Step Instructions on downloading a pdf.

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